World HypnoBirthing Day November 15 2015

25yr celebration

The HypnoBirthing Institute, the certifying board for HypnoBirthing Mongan Method, have announced “World HypnoBirthing Day” to mark the 25th anniversary of the technique. World HypnoBirthing Day (WHD), which will be held on the 15thof November 2015, will see a series of worldwide events to celebrate a quarter of a century…

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The birth of Toby

The following is the story of Meredith’s birth experiences with all three of her beautiful children. You will note how similar her two birth experiences were without HypnoBirthing, her third baby had quite a different entrance into the world, a smoother more progressive labour in a shorter time for Meredith.…

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New Parent Norms

Matilda 18 hrs old

  Ahhhhh the bliss of a beautiful new squish (that’s what we babywearing mummas call newborns). You could find yourself sitting for hours studying their tiny features, or, you may find yourself falling asleep every time they do. Whatever you do in the first weeks or even months of your…

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Enter Baby Evie


Sharnie was one of the mothers who ended up doing my course by correspondence whilst I was on maternity leave and I had no-one close by practicing HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method to refer her to. She did amazingly well and was happy to share her beautiful birth story. Here are…

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Now offering HypnoMothering!


  I am very excited to be offering HypnoMothering sessions to pregnant and new mothers. These sessions are so amazing and honestly invaluable! I honestly wished I’d have had access to this program earlier in my children’s lives, however, I have still been able to utilise and implement them even…

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