Now offering HypnoMothering!



I am very excited to be offering HypnoMothering sessions to pregnant and new mothers. These sessions are so amazing and honestly invaluable! I honestly wished I’d have had access to this program earlier in my children’s lives, however, I have still been able to utilise and implement them even now they are a little older.

Hypnomothering is taught in one single session and really gives you the tools to get some rest when you are unable to have a physical nap/are sleep deprived or are just feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being a new mum…. It also gives you the tools to bring yourself back to a calm state in the midst of personal turmoil (e.g an inconsolable baby, a house that isn’t cleaning itself).

What is covered in a HypnoMothering session:

  • Techniques to relax and find balance and calm even on very stressful days
  • Easy techniques to shift perspective and take the sting out of tough emotions
  • Introduction to hypnotic time distortion to super charge a power nap
  • Fresh strategies for creating and flexing with motherhood’s “new normal”
  • Learning to tune in to your baby to enhance bonding and mother’s intuition
  • Coping confidently with the pressures of differing parenting styles presented by friends, family, etc.

Hypnomothering is stand alone to Hypnobirthing so if you would like to know more or are interested in doing a session yourself, you don’t have to have done Hypnobirthing previously…. Anyone can do it!!!I’ll be offering a very special introductory price so please contact me.